Has anyone ever seen Frank Turner hold an electric guitar, let alone play one?

 errrm I suppose that counts?

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[Jack greets Desmond and Penny, shaking Desmond’s hand. He hugs Boone. On the Island, he stumbles through the bamboo forest, passing the white tennis shoe that once belonged to his father’s corpse, now worn and dirty after 3 years exposed to the weather. At the church, he hugs Hurley. Claire, Charlie, Sun, Shannon and Sayid all gather around Aaron. Jack greets Sawyer before noticing Kate, and she holds his hand as they sit down in the pews. On the Island, Jack comes to the spot where he woke up from the crash and collapses to the ground, still clutching at his wound. At the church, everyone else sits down. Christian puts his hand on Jack’s shoulder as he passes by. On the Island, Jack is laying on his back on the ground when he hears a dog bark - it’s Vincent. Vincent greets him and then lays beside him. At the church, Christian walks down the aisle and opens the doors, leaving and letting a bright white light fill the room. Everyone gazes at their surroundings, Jack and Kate share a glance. On the Island, a dying Jack witnesses the Ajira plane fly over head. He smiles, knowing he isn’t going to die for nothing. At the church, Jack is swallowed by the white light. On the Island, Jack’s eye closes. He is gone. The end.]

Then I cried and haven’t got over it since.